MP24 RZ4
Stationary & Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

MP24 RZ4

We took our goals to the top with the MP24 RZ4 truck-mounted mobile concrete pump!

In the development of concrete pumps, we had an ambitious goal: we took our work to the top with powerful engines and low fuel consumption, which increased the competitiveness of our customers’ needs.

✔️Strong maneuverability,

✔️The possibility of installation in narrow spaces,

✔️Single axle truck mounted,

✔️With the back legs opening to the side, MP24 is always one step ahead for you and your projects.

By making a needs analysis on your behalf, we continue to produce the best solutions.

MP24 RZ4
Stationary & Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps

MP24 RZ4


Boom Type RZ4
Part 4
Boom Rotation Speed 104 seconds
Boom Sway Ansle 365°
Concrete Pipe Diameter 125 mm


Pump MP 24.90 ZR4 MP 24.14S ZR4 MP 24.16S ZR4
Standard Optional Optional
Theo. Conc. Exit 90 m^3/h 140 m^3/h 160 m^3/hour
(Piston Side)
Theo. Construction Pressure 81 bar 81 bar 81 bar
(Piston Side)
Caress 26 İnme / dk 29 Stroke/ dk 29 Stroke/ dk
Concrete Cylinder 230mm X 1400 mm 230 mm x 1900 mm 250 mm X 1900 mm