Concrete Placer

21 October

Concrete Placing Boom

Concrete Placers are used when high-rise buildings are not constructed, or when mobile concrete pumps cannot reach. Concrete placers, which are also called Placing Boom in the world, have started to gain great importance in the construction sector in recent years. Without a Concrete Placer, the process of concrete placing takes a lot of time and also reduces the quality of concrete. By using the Concrete Placer, the process of placing the concrete into the formwork is faster, faster, better quality and economical.

Concrete Placers made up of world’s most reputable high quality products will provide convenience for your present and future projects. Royalmac, with its expert staff, will offer the best choice to its valued customers.

Spider Concrete Placing Boom

Tower Type Concrete Placing Boom

Telescopic Concrete Placing Boom

Tracked Concrete Placing Boom

Cobra Concrete Placer